K-Blocks Name and Logo

The name K-Blocks comes from "Knowledge Blocks". The philosophy is that there are blocks of knowledge that can be as or more effectively developed online than in-class, thereby allowing class time to be better used by tasks that suit the particular advantages of a face-to-face environment. The clearest example is a lecture which can be deliverd online, allowing students to pause, rewind, and respond to interactive questions while watching a video of the lecture. In-class time that was used for the lecture can now be used for in-depth discussion, advanced application problems of the lecture material, group activities, or any other of a wide range of activities that maximizes the value of the in-class experience.

K-Blocks Company

K-Blocks was founded by Chris Huston. Chris has 15 years of experience teaching, three years in secondary education and 12 years at the university level. He has been developing computer based learning systems and web applications for 18 years. He has an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language from Northern Arizona University and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.