Simple, Flexible, Powerful


K-Blocks is a full-featured Learner Management System helping both learners and instructors reach their goals on all major platforms.

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Instructors easily create online materials with videos, integrated questions, crowdsourcing, and discussion boards. Learners have quick access to all content with a clear view of their progress.


Instructors can include any content type and provide the desired amount of structure with a wide variety of optioins to suit specific learning goals. Learners can choose email notifications for announcements and new posts and view histograms of all user progress to self-monitor their results.

Native access across all devices: the desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android Tablets, and Android Phones.


Instructors drill down in learner data to discover where learners are succeeding and where extra support is needed. Learners receive immediate, customized feedback for faster, lasting learning.

Desigend to move objective material, lectures, and general preparation content online where it is more efficiently handled while leaving more time for integrative, synthetic interactions in the classroom that allow instructors and learners to capitalize on the unique advantages of the face-to-face experience.